Divine Providence for Fools, Drunkards and the United States of America

God has a special providence, Otto von Bismarck once purportedly said, for fools, drunkards and the United States of America.   Apocryphal or not, the 150-year-old quote attributed to Germany's famed Iron Chancellor conjures the kind of divine help that anyone paying attention to current events could only wish for today.

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"Dark Money," the Media and the Integrity of American Democracy

As a case study of Montana politics, the documentary "Dark Money" explores the impact on the state's elections of the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United.  It also raises a question: What role do the corporations dominating the American media landscape have in maintaining the integrity of our democracy?  

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What #MeToo Tells Us About National Leadership

#Metoo is dramatically affecting how people understand sexual harassment and power.  But it isn't only about courageous women and abuses.  It also carries a message about national leadership, particularly when CEOs seek to claim the nation's top job.

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When Lies Metastasize: A Meditation on the Media and Democracy

The effects of lying and misrepresentation aren't limited to their source.  Coming from the Oval Office, they can effect not only how issues are understood, but also how politics works.  The Trump White House is a prime example.

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Covering the Presidency as Performance Art: What Price Are We Paying?

Survivor, The Bachelor, Real Housewives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore.  Cringe-worthy or not, reality TV hits continue to pull in viewers.  So does White House in Chaos, President Trump's latest show.  It's available on every news network 24/7.  What's more, Americans don't need to buy a premium subscription to watch, although at this point it should be clear the price the country is paying.

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Dilemma of Chinese Censorship: Hollywood's Problem Isn't Only in China

China demands Hollywood moviemakers toe the political line when they create their blockbuster candidates for the Chinese market and for their part, the studio bosses comply.  But kowtowing to Beijing’s censors seems highly likely to become a requirement outside China as well.  How far will Hollywood go? 

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Kent Michael Harrington

Analyst, Journalist, Author and National Security Affairs Expert

Kremlin Oligarchs and Silicon Valley: It's Not Only About the Money

The testimony by U.S. intelligence chiefs before Congress in their worldwide threat briefing last month made no bones about it:  Following its successful covert political attack on the 2016 election, Moscow's effort to subvert American democracy is continuing full steam.  The threat assessment was unambiguous.  Social media is in Russia's bulls-eye.  It's hardly a surprise.

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What's Next After Singapore? Ask TV Critics, Not the Foreign Policy Experts

Washington's foreign policy experts are struggling to explain President Trump's foreign policy.  In a White House that has substituted reality TV for real politique, it's time to bring in the media critics who are far more likely to understand what happens in an administration that is all show and no substance.

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