What Can be Done to Constrain Trump and Avoid a 'Wag the Dog' War - Kent Harrington

President Trump's revocation of a former CIA director's security clearance raises fundamental questions about political coercion and presidential powers.  Ian Masters discusses with Kent Harrington what they mean for an embattled presidency and the country and looks at the risks ahead.                   

Intel Chiefs Warn Trump is Driving Russia and China Together

Discussing the most alarming aspect of the intelligence community chief’s testimony that Russia and China are working closer together against the United States as Trump alienates our allies. Also addressing Trump lashing out at the intelligence chiefs calling them passive and naive tweeting they should go back to school - Kent Harrington gauges the reaction of the intelligence community.

Our Reality TV President to Sit Down With the World's Most Ruthless Dictator - Kent Harrington

Ian Masters, host of “Background Briefing,” KPFK-FM, Los Angeles, interviews Kent Harrington on President Trump's upcoming meeting with North Korea's Kim Chong Un.  is it Reality TV or real diplomacy?

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