How Kim Has Played Trump

Claims by the Trump administration of success in stopping North Korea's nuclear program aren't borne out by the facts.  Kim Chong Un is coming out the winner in a contest that makes clear this is one game that isn't going to the master of the deal.

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving – to China

The Trump administration is handing China the opportunity of a lifetime--in this case, the life time tenure of Xi Jinping.  With Chinese trade and investment reshaping relations in Asia, Washington is conceding a leadership role that many in Asia worry it will not be able to recoup.

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The Populist War Against Intelligence

President Trump's revocation of the security clearance of a former CIA director represents the latest step in his attack on US intelligence.  The path ahead is troubling.  Now in power, Austria's right wing offensive against the country's intelligence service shows why.

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Will China Weaponize Social Media?

Russia's success in leveraging news and social media to roil the 2016 presidential election will be followed by meddling in this year's congressional midterm elections.  But a focus solely on Moscow misses an even more potent threat: Chinese capabilities to  the same ends.

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Trump Is in Denial About North Korea

US President Donald Trump's insistence that negotiations with North Korea are "going well" is directly contradicted by US intelligence findings about the country's nuclear program. Trump needs to put substance ahead of spectacle – and US allies ahead of his own fragile ego – before it is too late.

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Kent Michael Harrington

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