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A Brother to Dragons
The Gift Of A Falcon

A Brother To Dragons

As the IRA meets the Mafia, terrorism joins organized crime.  A story ahead of its time... and as real as today.

In exchange for the IRA's agreement to act as a front for organized crime in Great Britain, the Mafia facilitates IRA terrorism in the United States, and only Frank DiGenero can stop them. 10,000 first printing.

By Kent Harrington - Donald I. Fine/Dutton, 1993

The Critics Say...

"Drawing on his years of working for intelligence agencies, Kent Harrington has written an ingenious "what-if" tale...The novel is a terrific blend of interesting characters wrapped up in a fast-paced narrative." Baltimore Sun

"The FBI, the IRA, the Mafia, British Military Intelligence, NYPD, and the Royal Ulster Constabulary do considerable violence to each other on the streets of New York...The tension is quite satisfactory, the romance is sexy, the scenery's gritty, and there are lots of appealing supporting roles, including a staunchly independent Jewish New York cop." Kirkus Reviews

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The Gift Of A Falcon Screenplay 

A Screenplay 
Charles Davis and Kent Harrington

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Bennett Ramberg, 

Kent Michael Harrington

Analyst, Journalist, Author and National Security Affairs Expert

The Gift Of A Falcon

When the hunter becomes the hunted, and the prey becomes predator...

A twisted assassination plot that could draw the whole of the Middle East into an Islamic revolution pits two adversarial Americans, a cold-blooded Iranian terrorist, and a killer falcon in a race against time and each other.

By Kent Harrington - McGraw Hill, 1988

The Critics Say...

"Harrington evokes a variety of settings around the worldfrom Utah and Montana, to Washington, D.C., Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, West Germany, Iran and three provinces of Canada. His plot is plausible, the technical material never obtrusive, and he sustains tension with finesse." Publishers Weekly

"More Iranian deviltry turns up in this first novel about a plot to train an American Peregrine Falcon in regicide...What the Iranians have not counted on, however, is the incredible persistence of FBI agent Frank DiGenero.... Competent international thriller." Kirkus Reviews

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